Martin F.D. Baker

Author & Scriptwriter

In Translation...

Russia, India, Lithuania - mais les fran├žais trainent...

Meltdown has been translated into three languages so far: Russian, Marathi (the fifteenth most spoken language in the world and the commercial language of India) and Lithuanian.

Bizarrely, given that the novel is set in Paris and pre-figured the breaking of the Jerome Kerviel-SocGen crisis by precisely one week (Meltdown generated articles in highly esteemed newspapers such as Le Monde and the Geneva-based Le Temps - here's one that reprises the general confusion and fear), it's taking time for a French-language deal to come through.

Here is a synopsis, in French, of Samuel Spendlove's journey. And here is the first chapter, which may not be reproduced without the author's permission.

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