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When Martin Met Nicola - The picture's old, but you've probably guessed I'm the one on the left.

I met my wife Nicola through journalism, which I did for over two decades after qualifying as a City solicitor at Simmons & Simmons. I'm no longer a journalist, but still do the occasional piece. Below is a small selection of my journalism - ranging from A Tale Of Love, Hate And Concrete - The Battle For Preston Bus Station, to more serious stuff, such as...

...the Greg Dyke profile. This was an exclusive, and a big story. Then DG of the BBC, Dyke was under massive pressure from No. 10 ahead of the Hutton Report on the brouhaha surrounding non-existent weapons of mass destruction; the first David Moyes piece recounts a whole week shadowing the man. I was the first writer ever to get near the chronically shy 17 year-old Wayne Rooney; this profile coincides with Moyes' appointment as Manchester United manager. Apparently this entrepreneur was upset by her profile - but was it unfair? What's beyond doubt is that Benoit Mandelbrot (RIP) was a towering, towering genius.

And who came first, the Dragon or the egg? Below you can find the first national-newspaper profiles of Peter Jones and Duncan Bannatyne - a stepping stone to the Dragons' Den. Bannatyne wanted to be an actor back then. Has he succeeded...?

And you'll have to find the profile of Nicola Horlick for yourselves...

Published Stories

1. A confessional tale - financial physician fails to heal himself in the Indie

2, Financial Times book review - This Bleeding City by Alex Preston

3. Nancy Cruikshank - Independent on Sunday Profile - "Confetti at a gay wedding"

4. Greg Dyke - Sunday Telegraph City Profile - "Regrets, he has a few"

5. Liz Paul - Sunday Telegraph City Profile - "It's Not A Sex Toy"

6. The Aga Khan - Sunday Telegraph City Profile - The Aga Saga

7. David Moyes - Observer Sports Monthly - "Get Rooney in here."

The keeper of their dreams "I wouldn't sell Rooney for £20m"

8. Lakshmi Mittal  - Observer Profile - "He's got the whole world in his hands"

9. Derek Browne - Telegraph Profile - "School drop-out teaches a lesson in ambition"

10. Robert Swannell -  Sunday Telegraph Rainmaker - "The City's confessor"

11. Benoit Mandelbrot - Sunday Telegraph City Profile - "The markets: So many people of great brilliance and extraordinary greed."

12. French, Foreign - And Legion - Sunday Business - Anglo-French footie's golden age

13 & 14. Peter Jones and Duncan Bannatyne - before they were famous.